Flavia Zanon


Flavia Zanon studied Political Science before earning a Master’s degree in Asian Studies from the University of Geneva. Following a year in Tokyo as part of her studies, she moved to Paris in 2010 where she was taken on by the Les Films de L’Air production company. She contributed to the development of a number of exciting projects, such asPôle emploi ne quittez pas by Nora Philippe, Les réfugiés de la nuit polaire by Charles Emptaz and Jonathan Châtel, as well as Nous filmons le peuple by Ania Szczepanska. On her return to Switzerland in 2011, she joined the Festival Tous Ecrans team where for two years she created the short film programme for the Swiss competition.

In 2012, she worked with Joëlle Bertossa to set up Close Up Films. Responsible for producing a number of feature-length fiction and documentary film projects, Flavia Zanon has also had the opportunity to produce for young filmmakers since 2013. She recently produced the documentary Nostromo by Fisnik Maxville, the 2021 winner of the Visions du Réel National Competition, as well as the feature-length film Foudre by Carmen Jaquier, which has received three nominations for the 2023 Swiss Film Awards.