Audience-building / Impact production

The networking workshop for all supported projects focuses on outreach/producing impacts and audience-building: Who do I want to reach and how? As a result of digitalization, involving the public is essential. In our role as sponsors, we believe that opening up a di

In collaboration with other players, the Migros Culture Percentage Story Lab offers many opportunities for exchanging ideas. These opportunities take place in the form of workshops and masterclasses. The focus will be on outreach/impact production and audience-building: Who do I want to reach and how do I do it? Resulting in which impact? Digitalization has made audience involvement essential. In our role as supporters, we believe that dialog with the audience is key even at this early stage.

The events are targeted at all projects supported in a given year. Program details will be shared directly with the project participants involved.

Upcoming events

10 August 2024, 77th Locarno Film Festival, Locarno

BaseCamp PopUp “In Conversation We Trust”: details

«Where We Belong» (2019, Direction: Jaqueline Zünd, Production: real FILM)