Story Lab of the Migros Culture Percentage

A laboratory for ideas

The Story Lab of the Migros Culture Percentage is a laboratory for all audiovisual narrative formats, from cinema films and series to virtual reality and games. The support provided is focused on turning ideas into a reality. We support projects during the content development phase with flexible modules that are continuously adapted to changes in the film industry – these modules include financial support, coaching and networking.

We create free spaces to experiment and try things out, therefore promoting exchanges between the individual players within and outside of the industry. Our focus is on new content, new processes and new formats. We are particularly interested in projects that break new ground in these three fields and depart from traditional approaches.

As such, the Migros Culture Percentage is committed to creating contemporary, high-quality audiovisual narrative projects in Switzerland.

Direction and animation: Sophie Laskar-Haller
Nadine Adler Spiegel, Head of the Story Lab of the Migros Culture Percentage:

«The last ten years have seen more and more ideas being promoted, which shows how effective support is in the early phase of content development. And our experience with the Swiss documentary film competition shows that support in the beginning is more than worth it. It’s also clear to us that the industry is raring to experiment with new narrative forms and new formats.»