Hand in hand with the Swiss film industry

The Story Lab of the Migros Culture Percentage is being implemented in cooperation with partners from the film industry.

Solothurn Film Festival

Giuseppe Di Salvatore, program management for «Im Atelier»

«The ‘Im Atelier’ program series deals with aspects of the creative process in workshops, lectures, and debates. The current series considers on which level such processes represent reduction, challenges, or opportunities.»


The Solothurn Film Festival has been a gathering point for Swiss cinematographers for 55 years. The event is one of the driving forces behind Swiss film culture and a venue for the public and today’s filmmakers to meet. Every January, this exhibition of the work of the Swiss film industry attracts more than 65,000 visitors, making it one of the most prestigious cultural events in Switzerland. The Solothurn Film Festival was founded in 1966.


Sven Wälti, Head of Film at SRG:

«The approach of combining funding with coaching and networking impressed us from the very outset, as did the ambition to strike out in a new direction in terms of content development and narrative storytelling.»


Film funding: The SRG is actively involved in film festivals as a media partner and supports Swiss co-productions by providing financial funding and expertise. Besides the Swiss Federal Office of Culture, SRG is the most important sponsor of Swiss cinema.