How does support work?

Basic principles

The support focuses on the early stages of getting an idea off the ground: The Story Lab of the Migros Culture Percentage supports audiovisual narrative projects during the content development stage. Here, two maxims are key: openness in the format selection and openness for new players.



We promote projects that work actively and creatively to overcome current challenges in the audiovisual sector. We are particularly interested in projects that experiment with new materials, new processes for developing ideas and new approaches to the subsequent production and evaluation, such as involving the target group in the development phase.


Development and consolidation

The Story Lab offers two submission options: In spring (level I), submissions are open for all projects that are in the early stages of developing material for an idea and fulfill all the formal criteria. In fall (level II), submissions will only be open to projects that were supported by the Story Lab during level I. In level I, the focus of funding is on the early stages of material development. In level II, it is on the consolidation phase.


Permitted formats

All formats are supported: cinematographic works (documentary films, feature films, animations, etc.), short films, series, XR (AR, VR, 360°), cross-media projects, games as well as opportunities to develop ideas in all kinds of formats.

The support is open to authors, directors, producers, actors/actresses, freelance artists, designers and technicians working in the audiovisual narrative field.

The Story Lab of the Migros Culture Percentage is open to experienced artists as well as newcomers


Funding, coaching, exchanges

All successful applicants will receive a basic financial contribution for the content development phase after their situation has been assessed. Different modules will support them in their work. Level I projects are eligible for a minimum amount of CHF 7,000 and a maximum amount of CHF 25,000; while Level II projects are eligible for a minimum amount of CHF 20,000 and a maximum amount of CHF 50,000. The duration from the orientation meeting to the completion of the work within the modules is set at four to eight months. Twice a year, exchange events will be held in the form of workshops and masterclasses. Newcomers can also take advantage of coaching opportunities.



The Migros Culture Percentage Story Lab offers two different submission options during the year: spring for level I (material development) and fall for level II (consolidation).

In level II, only projects that have already received funding at Stage I and whose Stage I funding phase has been completed beforehand are eligible for submission.

Please carefully check the information in the Guidelines for the Migros Culture Percentage Story Lab (in german). If the project fulfills the formal criteria and conditions, it can be registered via the Migros Culture Percentage online application portal (accessible via the Story Lab website). Applications can only be accepted via the online application portal.

Dates 2024

Opening application portal level I: Monday, January 22, 2024
Deadline level I: Monday, March 4, 2024, 5 p. m.
Jury Session Phase I: Thursday, April 25, 2024
The decision will be communicated the following week.

Next submission level II (submissions may only be made for projects supported in level I): Monday, August 19 to Monday, September 23, 2024
Jury Session Phase II: Tuesday, October 29, 2024
The decision will be communicated the following week.

Anonymous submission

Breaking new ground in film funding

In order to take account of the unconscious bias, the applications submitted (of level I) to the jury will be anonymized. Anonymous submissions are designed to ensure the greatest diversity possible in the projects selected.

«Where We Belong» (2019, Direction: Jaqueline Zünd, Production: real FILM)