Commitment to culture and society

The Migros Culture Percentage is a voluntary initiative by Migros, incorporated in its articles of association that demonstrates the company’s responsibility towards society. Migros is committed to providing a wide access to culture and education for the general public, allowing the company to interact with society and empowering people to participate in social, economic and cultural changes. Key elements of this commitment are culture, society, education, leisure and economy.


Promotion of Swiss film

Tradition spanning almost 80 years

Migros has a long tradition of supporting films. As early as 1943, Migros founder Gottlieb Duttweiler was on the board of Praesens Film AG so that he could promote “ethical, high-quality Swiss film productions”. One production from this time, “Marie-Louise” by Leopold Lindtberg, even won an Oscar in 1946.

Since 1965, the Migros Culture Percentage has consistently promoted Swiss filmmaking with innovative, inspiring and unbureaucratic support measures.


Funding the last mile

For more than twenty years, the Migros Culture Percentage has been a partner for the post-production of professionally made Swiss films. By covering the residual financing, this has enabled the best possible end result. Films receiving support therefore have a better chance of competing on the national and international film market.

Promoted films 2009 – 2020 (german)

Promotion of ideas

From the first idea to the script

A good script is the basis for any good film. From 2010 to 2020, the Migros Culture Percentage supported ideas for cinematographic works with grants and a mentoring programme. The support was deliberately started at an early stage to enable script writers to accomplish this key creative phase under professional conditions. The success behind the promotion of ideas lays the foundation for the Story Lab of the Migros Culture Percentage.

Promoted film ideas 2010 – 2020 (german)

Migros Culture Percentage Swiss documentary film competition

Ten years of supporting Swiss documentary film

From 2010 to 2020, the Migros Culture Percentage organised the Migros Culture Percentage Swiss documentary film competition in cooperation with SRG SSR. The two-stage competition saw ten documentary films covering topics relevant to society brought to life.

Promoted documentary films 2010 – 2020 (german)

Start 2021

The new contact point

As of 2021, the Story Lab of the Migros Culture Percentage will be a contact point for content development for all audiovisual narrative projects.

Funding for cultural ventures by the Migros Culture Percentage

From 2021 onwards, film projects will also be supported by the interdisciplinary funding contributions of the Migros Culture Percentage.