Research module

This module facilitates research of all kinds through financial support and, if needed, specialist expertise: feasibility research, filming and location research, media technology and programming research, research on screen tests, sound layouts, and animation tests.

Authors Hugo and Sarah developed the script for their series at level I of the Story Lab last year. In the meantime, the SRF media company and Zürcher Filmstiftung have granted them development funding. The team and their production company are now about to apply for production funding. To be on the safe side, they want to carry out a study on the feasibility of their script. They are realizing this research project independently. We are giving them the means to do so.

Film director Magda spent her time at level II intensively studying content and look development for her animated film Rising Sun. She has made good progress and is about to contact animation studios for VFX tests and 3D modelling.

Set module

This module facilitates work that relates to the location on site, for example: test filming sessions, test readings and improvisations with the actors, integration tests for VFX (set extensions), world-building.

Film director Britta has completed the script for her film with public funding. Her production company will be applying for production funding from BAK soon. To put the finishing touch on the fifth edition of her script, Britta wants to hire professional actors and invite them to a script reading on set.

The production firm Shinealight wants to incorporate elaborate VFX sections into its film, Suburban Heroines. Before the shoot on location, they need to plan set extensions.

Audience module

This module creates space for understanding the target audience. For example: target group studies (workshops and focus groups), creation of an evaluation strategy (outreach and impact); for films and series: a public script reading (interviews and evaluations); for interactive projects: prototyping to evaluate the interface/interaction design.

The production company PlanXYZ has received production funding for their documentary film about the interaction between refugees and their host families. The team is planning an impact-producing strategy with a top-down approach. They intend to bring several influencers on board.

The studio Bethechange has built a prototype for their VR project The Trees in Ourselves. It lets the user walk through a forest. Now, they wish to work with members of their target audience in order to test the controls and interactive elements within the experience.

Sounding board module

This module provides individuals and groups with feedback on topics related to dramaturgy, choreography, team building, visual, outreach/impact, animation, transmedia, and digital (games/XR). Just like at level I, an international pool of mentors is available, but the module is also open to existing feedback teams.

Wildcard module

The Migros Culture Percentage Story Lab is open to new ideas and requirements. With this module, we provide space for funding requirements we haven’t even thought of yet. This also allows us to improve and develop ourselves.


Coaching at level II: project owners who have already worked with a junior coach have an opportunity to arrange four more meetings with their coach.