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Thank you to the producers giving us the rights to use the film sequences. All films used on the website were supported by the Migros Culture Percentage.

BIRDZ (2016, Direction and animation: Emilien Davaud, Production: Hélium Films) / BLUE MY MIND (2018, Direction: Lisa Brühlmann, Production: tellfilm) / CEUX QUI TRAVAILLENT (2018, Direction: Antoine Russbach, Production: Box Productions) / THE DIVINE ORDER (2017, Direction: Petra Volpe, Production: Zodiac Pictures) / LOVE ME TENDER (2019, Direction: Klaudia Reynicke, Production: Amka Films Productions) / L’ILE AUX OISEAUX (2019, Direction: Maya Kosa, Sergio da Costa, Production: Close Up Films) / WHERE WE BELONG (2019, Direction: Jaqueline Zünd, Production: real FILM)


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