Les réputations

Facts & Figures

Format: feature-length animated film
Directed by: Juan José Lozano
Script: Antoine Germa, Juan José Lozano
Production company: Intermezzo Films (CH), Dolce Vita Films (FR)


Based on the eponymous novel by J.G. Vásquez, Les Réputations (Reputations) tells the story of Javier Mallarino, a political cartoonist capable of making any Colombian politician tremble. After a resounding national celebration of his work, a young woman visits him and he is dragged back to the events of an evening 28 years previously. What had politician Adolfo Cuellar done that night and what exactly had Mallarino witnessed? Delving back into the troubled past of the civil war, the famous illustrator is forced to undergo a painful examination of his conscience.