Arbeiterklasse Interaktiv (The Working Class – Interactive)

Facts & Figures

  • Format: computer game
  • Directed by: Blindflug Studios
  • Screenplay: Blindflug Studios / film production team of “Die wundersame Verwandlung der Arbeiterklasse in Ausländer” (The miraculous transformation of the working class into foreigners)
  • Production company: Blindflug Studios


As an interactive work, this project is intended to complement the film “Die wundersame Verwandlung der Arbeiterklasse in Ausländer” (The Miraculous Transformation of the Working Class into Foreigners) and make the Swiss naturalisation process and its sometimes absurd arbitrariness tangible for the Swiss. The aim is to encourage the players to think and reflect on topics such as migration, integration and what it means to be Swiss.


The Level I funding enabled the creation of an initial prototype from a pool of different game ideas, which enabled the testing of the basic game concept, various game mechanics and their thematic impact.