Les Noctuelles

Facts & Figures

Format: Full feature film
Director: Géraldine Rod
Screenplay: Julie Gilbert, Géraldine Rod
Production company: Peacock Film


Ariane, 45 years old, is a manager at a luxury hotel. After undergoing a strange and spectacular transformation affecting her body and character, she tries to hide her new powers from her colleagues and teenage sons by any means possible, so as not to lose her job.

Development since support on level I

We are writing the screenplay and setting about casting for the project after a phase of improvisation, residence and field-based research, which has enabled us to flesh out the film’s universe, characters and their relationships.

During phase II, alongside the screenwriting, I am going to visually explore the fantasy parts of the film and conduct an improvisation phase with the main actors. Lastly, we will conduct an audience research study to reach our target public.