Peace Untold

Facts & Figures

Format: VR film
Directors: Robin Burgauer, Robbert van Rooden
Screeenplay: Robin Burgauer, Robbert van Rooden
Production company: Inlusio Interactive


“Peace Untold” is a docu-fictional VR film, telling a forgotten story about the struggle to establish peace in Europe after the Second World War. Viewers will be taken back in time, where they will experience how a young woman who has lived through the war deals with the idea of a united Europe and be confronted with pressing issues of war and peace in Europe.

Development since support on level I

In stage I, the content and interactive concept of the VR film were developed into VR on the basis of historical research and a basic understanding of narrative and technical principles. In stage II, a treatment will be produced, the spatial narration will be tested in VR (Sparring), simplified VR scenes will be visualised in 3D (Set) and a distribution strategy will be developed (Audience).